Find Your Why for Sticking to Your Healthy Lifestyle

Find Your Why for Sticking to Your Healthy Lifestyle

You could have quite a few reasons why you want to become healthier, but there is probably one that stands out. For me, my reasons why I choose to eat healthily include looking good, being able to wear certain types of clothes I could not before, longevity, and being able to have a baby.

My biggest why used to be losing my excess fat and being lean, but it quickly switched to me getting clear skin when my acne went from bad to traumatic in my last year of university. I avoid foods that tend to make me break out. And while I have still indulged in foods during my health journey that have caused me deep regret when looking in the mirror one or two days later and seeing the pimples on my forehead, no food really is worth it.

Your why could just be that you want to be healthy well into your old age; help your loved ones become healthier, so they can live longer; or to get a body that is hotter than chilli hot chocolate.

You need a good reason why if you are going to make any changes to your diet and stick to them. Staying aware of why you are doing this will help you when faced with temptation, get you through hard moments, and help you stick to a healthier diet.

Every person will have different reasons why, although most people have looking good as one of theirs. If you are overweight, your main reason why could be to prevent diabetes or other obesity related diseases, or to be able to shop in stores that do not cater to larger sizes.

If you have always been skinny and want to gain muscle, your why could be to become stronger or bigger, because perhaps you were teased when younger.

Make a list of the reasons why you want to start following a healthier lifestyle, and try to identify the one that stands out most. You should also try to go deeper when identifying the real reasons why you want to do this. The easiest way to do this is to keep asking yourself why. For example:

I want to eat healthily
To get healthier skin.
Because healthy skin is beautiful, and I want to feel beautiful.
Because I have had acne since I was around ten, and some boys passed a note around in primary school saying that I was ugly. I do not want to feel like the ugly duckling anymore.

This is quite personal for me to share, but I wanted to demonstrate how you can go deeper when finding your way, as this will motivate you even more along your journey.

You can write down your why somewhere where you will see it daily. You can write it on your mirror or on a sticky note on your desk. Make it your wallpaper or put it on your fridge. If you do not want others to be able to read it, maybe get some sort of symbol that reminds you of it.

I had a sunflower tattooed on my arm, as it reminds me that I just need to become my most beautiful self by being as healthy and happy as possible. When people are healthy and happy, they automatically look better.

Write down a list of reasons why you want to improve your health and start a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you will strike gold and write down a goal that excites you so much that almost no other goal is necessary. Maybe you already have one.

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