Mindfulness for Anxiety

How Can Mindfulness Help Reduce Anxiety?

Mindfulness can simply be described as focused awareness, and is helpful when you have anxiety. When we are mindful, we are able to live in the moment, and stay focused. Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools for managing anxiety. Our minds are busy around 80% of the time, and we often become overwhelmed and disoriented.

It is the key to solving many problems in a person’s life, as many issues come from instinctive and impulsive behaviour. Overeating, losing your temper, or self-sabotaging your goals are usually impulsive acts, which can hold you back from reaching your goals. These acts are directly linked to a lack of mindfulness.

The first step to overcoming this is to acknowledge and accept that as a human being, you are subject to impulsiveness. Being fully aware of your actions in the moment, as well as the consequences thereof, can help prevent the impulsive behaviour.

Although being mindful all the time feels nearly impossible, you can train your brain to be more attentive in general. Mindfulness, as a goal, takes practice. Just like fitness training, you have to do it often in order to get better at it. The more you practice, the easier it will become.

Try and incorporate it throughout your day, and eventually you will do it automatically. For example, an easy practice is to completely focus on your food, while eating, as well as the sensations that go along with it. Avoid eating in front of the television or computer, as this can distract you from truly enjoying your food.

Instead of getting caught up in the chaos of life, take the time to observe your surroundings, and fully absorb the present moment. When busy with a task, try not to think of other things at that time. Multitasking is the opposite of acting mindfully. Try and focus on only one thing at a time.

Mindfulness meditation and practices have been shown to reduce stress and promote an increased sense of wellbeing. It helps sharpen your ability to follow your intuition. We have become so detached from our bodies that we no longer listen to the signals it gives us, and often mistake our impulsive behaviours for our intuition.

When you are mindful and intuitive, you will start to figure out the lifestyle and diet habits that are best for you, and that help you with your anxiety. How will you know what is best? The perfect lifestyle for you is the one that makes you feel your best, and which you are drawn to naturally. That is why it is important to self-experiment, and find what your body responds to well.

Mindfulness can help you improve in all areas of your life. By practicing mindfulness, you can reduce your anxiety.

Mindfulness reduce anxiety

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