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My 90-Day Challenge to Lose Fat and Improve My Skin

Becoming my healthiest self in 2020

Today is the first day of the new decade, 1 January 2020, and it is also the first day of my 90-day fat loss and beautiful skin challenge. After doing a decade in review exercise before the new year, I had to face the fact that even though I had achieved a lot and had some great experiences the previous decade, I still hadn’t reached my main goals, which are to become toned enough to rock a crop top, get clear skin, get a bigger butt, have the cooking skills of a 5-star chef, stop biting my nails, become really flexible, and look like a mermaid. 

While my hair is almost long enough to get me to qualify for mermaid-status in the hair department, I have decided to dedicate this year to becoming the person I have always wanted to become. I decided to start the year with a 90-day challenge aimed at fat loss and getting beautiful skin. 

Every gram of fat I lose will be symbolic of me getting rid of the habits and burdens that I have carried with me for the last two decades. I cannot believe that I am still struggling to lose the same 5 kg of fat I promised myself I would lose ten years ago, even sixteen years ago.

More important than fat loss, I cannot believe that I was still picking my skin uncontrollably two weeks ago. No goal is more important than getting beautiful, clear skin. Picking my skin just makes things worse.

I want to finally become the me I have always wanted to become, and this 90-day fat loss and beautiful skin challenge is a great start. What my 90-day fat loss and beautiful skin challenge basically entails is:

  • Fasting most days of the week for 16 hours or longer
  • Not picking my skin
  • Exfoliating regularly 
  • Moving daily, focusing on resistance training and stretching 
  • Restricting my calories to between 1200 and 1500 per day
  • Keeping my carb intake low
  • Doing breathing exercises every day 

Ooh and did I mention that I kicked off this 90-day beautiful skin and fat loss challenge with a 3-day fast where I am consuming only black coffee, water, stevia, ketone salt, Himalayan salt, and herbal tea. I started a day and a half ago, because I wanted to go into the new year and new decade in a fasted state. Fasting stimulates autophagy, which is a process that recycles old and damaged cells. I wanted to start the decade as a new me. The best version of me I am capable of being on this day. 

As I am writing this on the first of January, I have almost been fasting for two days and can eat again tomorrow night. Surprisingly, I haven’t been hungry over the past two days. I think it is because I have been consuming so much salt to keep my electrolyte and mineral levels up. 

The black coffee also helps. I normally don’t consume caffeine, but I have had one cup of caffeinated coffee a day on this 3-day fast in between my decaffeinated coffee fixes. 

Today, I even made a sorbet by making a cup of black coffee, sweetened with stevia; adding some sparkling water, and putting the coffee in my ice cream maker. It was delicious!!! I also made an iced coffee by just putting ice and a cup of coffee in my blender. 

This prolonged fasting thing is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I have been feeling a bit too weak to exercise today, but I cleaned the house a bit and organised a few cupboards and counted it as exercise. My aim was just to move around throughout the day for the sake of increased fat loss, and I did. 

Who knows how I will feel tomorrow? I know that some days on my 90-day beautiful skin and fat loss challenge will be hard and I will be tested, but I am excited about the growth and to meet the person I have always wanted to become. Will let you know how tomorrow goes. After my fat loss is complete, I can get started on growing a bigger butt.

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