Trying to Get My Period Back After Six Months. My PCOS Problem

Trying to Get My Period Back After Six Months. My PCOS Problem

Sooo, I have not had my period in six months. Ai, first I don’t stop bleeding for a year and a half, and now I haven’t had my period in over six months thanks to PCOS. Yes, not having to deal with sanitary products or worry about excess blood embarrassing you in public is as wonderful as you think it is, but then there is the whole psychological torture part of “what if I cannot have kids, and is there something seriously wrong with me?”. 

I am sure it is mostly stress. I lean a little on the anxious side. Don’t feel sorry for me though. It has helped to a certain extent and I use it as creative fuel. The high cortisol levels that accompany anxiety aren’t ideal though, and they can worsen PCOS symptoms. 

So, guess I just have to try and have fun, remember to breathe and meditate more, and calm the caramel fudge down. PCOS is something that I have accepted as the dragon of chaos that I must face, but luckily I am doing so while eating healthy desserts. 

What is scary about not getting my period for six months is that it means I am not ovulating, but at least it is still a few years until we want to have kids, so I have time to try and balance my hormones. My diet is already quite healthy, so the most important thing to focus on now is relaxing and reducing anxiety and stress to see if it will help me get my period back. I am only trying to focus on one main goal at a time. Not the worst goal if you ask me.

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