You Are Wonderful, so Don’t Settle for Crappy Food

You are worth good chocolate. Do not settle for anything other than mindblowing. 

I really think that part of why we self-sabotage our dietary efforts is because we do not feel like we are good enough, and we eat to keep us in the state we believe we belong in. I realised that I did not think I was good enough to have a great body and walk around in sexy clothing. I thought I was doomed to always be the cute friend starring in the movie of someone else’s life. Little did I know that I was the lead character, and one with an epic transformation story, maybe a makeover scene, and an inspiring hero’s journey.

I imagine the movie of my life being a combination between Flashdance, Chef, some weight-loss show, and Lord of the Rings. In the movie, I am a young girl who started off as a chubby kid, started learning about weight loss, struggled with binge eating her entire life, wanted to become a great chef, loved to dance around, had to spend a few years becoming great at what she did, slaying the dragon of chaos, which guards the gold (that has manifested itself as intense cravings, an intense struggle to lose weight, hormonal imbalances, and other health-related problems), and then taking the gold and bringing it back to the people in the form of information that will help them be healthy.

I do not want other people to have to go through the same struggles for as long as I have, and want to make the world a healthier place.

In this movie, I transform into my best self, and live the rest of my life looking like a 1950s pinup model. If I am the lead star, then surely I have to treat myself like one and treat myself like I matter. Even if I am not a celebrity who has a private chef, personal trainer, and whose job it is to look great, it does not mean that I cannot make it my job to look great.

I have heard a lot of people say that celebrities only look like that because they have to and they have all the time and help in the world, but I have seen regular people who look like movie stars just because they take care of themselves. It does not have to take hours a day or a team of people.

The nice thing is that celebrities go to parties where they can indulge and enjoy the finer things in life. If I am to live like a star, then I should incorporate indulgences into my life. My couch on a Friday night may not be the same as a party with the elite, but I can pour myself some kombucha in a wine glass (to feel fancy) or even champagne (although I, personally, I am not big on alcohol) and have a chocolatey dessert that I made myself.

You deserve a treat. Why settle for a boring diet? Raise the standards you have for your diet. Good for you is not good enough – food should taste good and like it has been prepared for you by a world-class chef.

Instead of hiring a chef, you can also use a healthy meal delivery service and also have your food delivered to you like many celebrities do. That way, you do not have to cook for yourself. You can also spend a Sunday afternoon and cook enough food for a week, and two if you freeze some.

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