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Hi, I'm Joané

I love dessert, a lot. But I am also a health nerd who loves writing about all things related to health and wellness. I learned a long time ago that you can eat dessert and lose weight, improve your mental health, get beautiful skin, and even balance your hormones if you have a condition like Polycystic ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), as long as you choose the right ingredients and have healthy desserts most of the time. 

PCOS is linked to high insulin levels, and when levels go up, your body produces more androgens (male hormones), which …
I had a panic attack in a yoga class a few weeks ago. Nearing the end of Shavasana, my anxiety took …
If you are looking for the best healthy desserts for weight loss, you will not find them in your standard …

Healthy Desserts

Whether you are keto, paleo, or just want to cut out unhealthy foods, a healthy diet doesn't have to be boring when you choose the right healthy desserts.

PCOS & Fertility

1 in 8 women have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but symptoms can be managed through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Learn more about it here.

Glowing Skin

Who doesn't want amazing skin? See all articles about improving skin health with diet and lifestyle to help you get a glowing complexion.

Mental Health

Talking about your mental health is no longer something to be frowned upon. See all articles about managing stress, anxiety, depression, etc. here.

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