4 Reasons Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up, Even Though I Have Acne

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up, Even Though I Have Acne

I don’t wear make-up. I stopped wearing it about three and a half years ago. I just started dating my husband, and the birth control I went on made my skin break out a lot. Before I knew it, my moderately okay acne turned into my worst nightmare. I had cystic acne, my jawline was covered, and I found myself in one of the worst situations you could hope for in a new relationship. 

To my mom’s horror, I stopped wearing make-up 99% of the time. She just wants me to at least wear blush since I am so pale, and I agree that I might look better that way, but if you can find a blush that is made of 100% natural ingredients that cannot clog your pores and possibly even benefits your skin, I will consider it. I do wear make-up for formal events, but that probably only happens twice a year. 

There are a few reasons why I don’t wear make-up. They are:

Make-Up Didn’t Hide My Acne Well

 I remember getting ready for an event one day. My mom was doing my hair, and I desperately tried to cover up my acne. It didn’t help. No amount of make-up could cover my acne, and I found myself thinking “what’s the point?” Even if I could cover up the redness, people could still see the elevated bumps. I stopped wearing make-up shortly after that.  

I Am Paranoid About Making My Acne Worse

I am desperate to clear my acne, and I didn’t want to risk making my skin worse by applying make-up that contains chemicals and can clog your pores.

My Husband Doesn’t Care

Even when my skin was at its worst, Jonathan was great. The way he looked at me did not change at all. While I thought I was so ugly that he was going to leave me at any moment, he looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. He prefers it if I don’t wear make-up. He always says that if I wear make-up that he can’t see the real me, just a mask. While I know that I am free to wear make-up, obviously I want to look the way my husband finds me the most attractive.

4 reasons why i don't wear makeup with acne

I Am Lazy

 I have no problem admitting that I am lazy. When I started dating Jonathan, he made me see the value of staying in bed for twenty minutes longer, instead of getting up earlier to put make-up on. Now, I just get up, brush my teeth, brush my hair, get dressed, and go. I don’t bother with any extras. 

I don’t wear make-up because it requires a lot more effort to take off at night. I do wash my face at night, but when you wear make-up, getting your skin completely clean takes two extra steps, and I simply don’t see myself making that commitment right now.’

I Want to Be Naturally Beautiful


 I struggle to accept the fact that I have to wear make-up to be beautiful. I don’t want to rely on make-up to feel beautiful. I want to be naturally beautiful. I want clear skin, hair that will make a mermaid jealous, and a healthy body. There is something exciting about being so healthy and happy that it makes you more beautiful and gives you a radiant glow. I want that. Even though I am not there yet, until then, I will face the world with a bright smile and a few spots on my face.

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