4 Self-Care Tips for PMS Relief

4 Self-Care Tips for PMS Relief

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Ah, that time of the month, when your uterus feels like a war zone where bombs are going off, shots are being fired, and a lot of blood is shed. Getting your period is not fun. Say hello to PMS problems like mood swings, tender breasts, the constant desire to cry, and cravings that are so intense that you start to seriously consider taking candy from a baby to get relief.

Since I have basically been on my period for the past year and a half, with only a three-week break in total, I guess you can say I have experienced my fair share of PMS problems over the duration of my reproductive system’s endless temper tantrum.

I have perfected the art of dealing with PMS and imbalanced hormones, and in this blog post, I am going to share my perfect self-care plan for when you have your period.

PMS is not fun. It is the dragon of chaos that takes over your body and gives you a problems. No woman deserves that, and yet we battle it out once a month.

If the mood swings weren’t enough (I would like to formally apologise to my husband. Sorry honey), we have to deal with period pain and food cravings that make us feel like there is an insatiable cookie monster living inside us that just wants to feast on Oreos and Nutella. And forget about wearing that little black dress.

The average woman gains 2 kg around her period. Bloating like a balloon is the last thing we need on top of all other PMS problems. You need to put together the perfect self-care plan to help you balance out the crappy feelings and problems that accompany your period. Here are a few self-care tips that will help you get PMS relief:

Apologise to Your Partner in Advance for Mood Swings Related to Your Hormones

Apologise to your significant other for any future, current, or past eye rolls, moaning, nagging, cursing, and unexplained crying, and if you ate the last chocolate chip cookie(s). While it sounds silly, and you may be wondering “why should I apologise if I am the one who is feeling bad?”

Well, one thing that I have learned, is that is not always easy for your partner or those around you when you are emotional or have mood swings. I always tell Jonathan when I start getting PMS symptoms. At least the poor man gets a fair warning. This way, if I snap for no reason or start crying during an episode of anything, he will be more understanding.

You don’t want to add relationship problems to your already crappy situation.

Make Peace with Your Period Problems and Hormones

Accept that it’s okay to feel like crap, and you can take some time to rest. Do light activities like yoga or walking. Your body has enough on its plate, it doesn’t have to suffer through burpees as well. I never push myself to do things when I have PMS problems. During your period, take the time to rest, recover, and do what brings you relief.

Once you feel better, and your period stops, you can continue training like a Superwoman, but until then, opt for super comfort.


4 self-care tips for PMS relief

Follow an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for PMS Relief

Follow an anti-inflammatory diet that includes turmeric and ginger. Avoid inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and processed carbs. You don’t want to add inflammation when it feels like your uterus is being shrunk to the size of a grape. Eating healthily is one of the best forms of self-care.

Have an Emergency Self-Care Practice for When Your Hormones Give You Problems

  • Make some tea. This is one of the quickest self-care tips, and the warmth helps bring relief from period pain. In Ayurveda, drinking cold drinks isn’t recommended when on your period. Drinking cold drinks during your period can make pain problems worse.
  • Draw yourself a nice, warm bath. The heat will calm the pain, and it will help you relax.
  • Enjoy your cup of tea while soaking in an Epsom salt bath. Hot water bottles are also vital in my life. It is important to develop a good self-care practice in general, but treat yourself that little extra when you are on your period, and your hormones have taken over.
  • Relax on the couch with your hot water bottle, tea, and chocolate in some form. Have everything you need at the ready.
  • Watch something that makes you feel good. Whether it is a comedy, or something romantic. If you don’t want to watch TV, a good book will also help you unwind. I refer to my self-care days as Bridget Jones days.
  • Do a yoga sequence for period pain! Just do a quick search on Pinterest, Google, or YouTube, and you will find quite a few yoga sequences for period pain that you could try.

It can feel like your hormones are taking over your body around that time of the month. Believe me, I know. I recently had my period for almost a year and a half, and PCOS, a condition associated with imbalanced hormones. I have served my time, and learned how to get relief from the suffering.

I hope these self-care tips for PMS relief will help for when your hormones are against you. 

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