About Joané

Joane Hart - The Dessert Diet Club author

Hi, I’m Joané and I eat dessert every day. I am a health nerd and writer with a big sweet tooth and a passion for food. My dream to become a writer started at a very young age, and so did my love for health and wellness. I was obsessed with magazines as a kid, especially ones that spoke about health. There was nothing I wanted more than to contribute to them and to write articles about health, wellness, and lifestyle. When I started working for the University newspaper as a features writer, it was one of the most exciting times in my life. 

I also job shadowed at Cosmopolitan Magazine in SA for a little while, which was incredible, and my first real job after I graduated was as a copywriter for a company that sells lifestyle products, as well as a juice bar, Gelato store, and an Italian restaurant. I learned a lot. Then I started working as a copy editor for a digital marketing agency, because I wanted to learn everything I could about things like search engine optimisation, how to build a website, social media, and ads. I learned a lot more!

And now, with a brain full of knowledge about health and digital marketing, as well as a passion for writing, I am now working as a freelance health writer and copy editor! I am living the dream. 

Need a Writer or Copy Editor Specialising in Health and Wellness?

If you have a health and wellness business, website, or project and need a freelance copywriter or copy editor, you have found the right person. I am really passionate about health, writing, and digital marketing. 

My writing and editing services include:

– Editing and proofreading articles, social media posts, and 

– Copywriting aimed at Search Engine Optimisation

– Writing health- and lifestyle-related articles and blog posts

Contact me at for a quote. 

About The Dessert Diet Club

The Dessert Diet Club is an indulgent guide to food freedom. We eat healthy desserts every day and we refuse to settle for boring diets. 

I started making healthy desserts when I was a kid and they have been an important part of my life ever since. Stubbornness is mostly what led to the creation of The Dessert Diet Club, because I wanted to be healthy and I did not want to eat processed sugar and inflammatory ingredients like gluten or trans fats, but I wanted dessert — every day. 

The moment I cut out sugar from my diet, my dessert consumption doubled. Why? Because the moment I started making desserts that were healthy, the guilt factor disappeared. Having dessert three times a day was suddenly not something to feel bad about. Now, I eat dessert after every meal, and the desserts I eat are made with ingredients that will benefit my body. 

Other people also liked the concept, and some of my friends, family members, and colleagues have all joined The Dessert Diet Club since. 

About The Hart of Health

The Hart of Health

My husband and I are both health nerds, and we both love experimenting with our diets, biohacking, and talking about health and self-optimization. And so, we started a website and podcast called The Hart of Health. I write all the articles though, but Jonathan and I do the podcast together, and we are both having fun practising making videos.