How to Stay Positive with PCOS and Symptoms like Hair Loss, Acne, and Painful Periods

How to Stay Positive with PCOS and Symptoms like Hair Loss, Acne, and Painful Periods

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Every woman’s experience with PCOS is different, but most would argue that it is not positive. My symptoms started six years ago when I started getting my period twice a month, but I have had hormonal acne since I was ten, so it has been fifteen years since my battle against my hormones actually started.

I have tried every trick that research has brought to my attention, and yet it always feels like I am at the starting point of managing my PCOS. It is a rollercoaster ride. I remember when I was younger, and my sister tried to explain to me how your hormones worked as a girl. She drew a picture that looked like a rollercoaster to demonstrate how my hormones would go up and down.

Little did I know just how crazy of a rollercoaster ride my hormones would take me on thanks to PCOS. I have dealt with periods that last from seven days to a year and a half. My periods are so heavy that I have woken up countless times with my sheets covered in blood, and am forced to sleep on a towel when things are at their worst.

I always have at least two pimples on my face, and upon closer inspection, you will see that there are thousands of blackheads as well. My hair falls out more than average, and it fluctuates between being extremely dry and oilier than a doughnut. My PCOS has made me feel like an ugly duckling on many occasions when surrounded by swans.

Did I mention that PCOS makes it harder to lose weight? Next to my battle against hormonal acne, I have also been fighting in the battle against my weight. I have to work hard just to maintain my weight.

Oh, and the mood swings… My poor husband.

But this blog post isn’t meant to be a rant about dealing with PCOS symptoms, but about how to stay positive while you are dealing with your PCOS symptoms.

You have to be patient, positive, and realistic when it comes to managing PCOS. It takes time to balance your hormones, and there are a lot of puzzle pieces involved in treating PCOS. Be positive, and know that if you keep doing the things that you know will help your body get into a healthier state, you are moving closer towards a healthier body and more balanced hormones.

If you do struggle to stay positive with PCOS, here are a few things that you can try:

Notice What is Good and What You Like About Your Body

When you have PCOS, it can easily feel like your body is against you, and it can be easy to start resenting your body entirely. The truth is that your cells are actually doing what they believe is best under the circumstances, and your body is always doing what it believes is best for your survival.

Keep this in mind, and let it help you be more compassionate towards your body.

Also, take some time every day to highlight things about your body that you like. Sure, your PCOS gives you hormonal acne, but it has not taken away your gorgeous legs. You get the idea. It can be easy to forget about the good things about our bodies when we are constantly reminded of the negative, but make an effort to remind yourself about the things that are positive daily.

Eat Delicious, Healthy Food, and Do Workouts That You Like

It might seem odd to find a health tip in an article about staying positive, but how positive do you feel when eating bland food that you do not enjoy? While you need to eat healthily if you have PCOS, there is a way to do it without suffering. If you eat a low-carb diet, add delicious low-carb desserts and meals (that you can find on Pinterest), so you feel like you are still indulging.

The same goes for exercise. Having PCOS is punishment enough, you do not need to commit to hours of torture in a gym or do burpees to be healthy with PCOS, but it does help to move. Pick workouts that you enjoy. Pair that with a healthy diet that does not make you wonder if the furniture would be more appetising, and you will feel more positive about the things you need to do to manage your PCOS symptoms. 

Tell Yourself That You Are Getting Healthier One Day at a Time

When I feel like my PCOS symptoms will never get better, I remind myself that I am doing the things necessary on a daily basis, and am therefore doing everything I can to become healthier. I tell myself that I am getting healthier one day at a time, and that it makes no sense to keep focusing on the end goal.

This can help if you tend to feel overwhelmed by how much change is necessary and if you get impatient and negative when it comes to seeing results.

Practice Replacing Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

If you want to have a positive mindset, it will require you to condition your mind to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. If you have a thought like “my PCOS will never get better”, you can say to yourself: “I am figuring out what to do.” or “my body is slowly becoming healthier.” With time, you will automatically have the positive thought first.

Many people believe that thinking positively about a condition like PCOS can help you heal. I am not sure to what extent your thoughts can influence your body, but if it is true, then positive thinking will not only improve the way you experience your PCOS journey, but it has the potential to improve your symptoms over time.

I know that battling PCOS can be hard, and there will be days when you are trapped in a negative state, but if you can have a positive mindset most of the time, you will be able to reduce your suffering.

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